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Techincial Engineering Northern Ireland

About Us

Engineering Excellence Since 2007

Discover Solve Engineering Ltd. – Engineering Excellence Since 2007

Solve Engineering Ltd., your partner in precision solutions. Established in 2007 by Dr. Samuel Paul, a visionary engineer with a Ph.D., we are a premier mechanical engineering design firm. Our comprehensive services encompass CAD design, engineering drawings, prototyping, component sourcing, and assembly. Our mission is clear: we bridge the gap between the manufacturing industry and its customers, translating ideas into meticulous designs that fuel innovation.

Dr. Sam Paul, Solve Engineering, Northern Ireland.

With deep expertise and a commitment to excellence, we're not just creators; we're collaborative partners dedicated to your success. Our understanding of the business-to-business landscape informs our creative yet precise approach to every project. We're here to shape the future of engineering, one design at a time.


Experience the precision of Solve Engineering Ltd. Your vision, our expertise – united for engineering brilliance.

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