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Dr. Sam Paul, Mechanical Engineering Northern Ireland

My Story

Dr. Samuel Paul

With a strong academic foundation and extensive industry experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to the realm of professional consultancy. Graduating with a first class honours Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ulster in 1994, I embarked on a dynamic career journey that has shaped my proficiency in various engineering domains.

After a brief stint as a CNC engineer in the industry, my passion for learning led me back to academia, where I achieved a PhD in 1997. My doctoral research focused on pioneering advancements in advanced metal forming techniques, showcasing my dedication to pushing the boundaries of engineering innovation.

Following this academic accomplishment, I devoted a decade to the food manufacturing sector, honing both my technical engineering prowess and managerial acumen. This invaluable period equipped me with a comprehensive skill set that spans engineering intricacies and effective leadership.

In 2007, I established Solve Engineering, a venture that has allowed me to leverage my capabilities even further. Expanding beyond AutoCAD, I undertook comprehensive training in Solidworks – a 3D CAD system renowned for its efficient production of solid models and engineering drawings. Throughout my career, I have catered to diverse clients, including engineering manufacturers, food producers, pharmaceutical giants, agricultural machinery firms, and e-cigarette manufacturers.

My consulting portfolio is underpinned by a consistent theme: an unwavering commitment to superior engineering design and meticulous manufacturing drawings. My expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing 3D printing, PLC programming, machine assembly, and even manual machining when required.

With an enduring dedication to elevating engineering standards and a proven track record of delivering results across various industries, I am primed to offer insightful consultancy services that drive innovation, optimize design processes, and elevate manufacturing outcomes.

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