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Northern Ireland Mechanical Engineering, Redefined

Since 2007 we have been providing a range of professional engineering services to clients throughout the UK and Europe.
Commercial Product Design

The tractor towed Hose Reel shown above is one of many commercial products we've helped our clients develop in recent years.


Others include full umbilical systems and a range of other fluids and solids handling equipment. We provide full manufacturing drawings and CAD/CAM data for automated manufacture.

Agricultural and Commercial Hose Reels

Process Engineering

With experience in food and pharma process engineering we can provide you with supporting services such as pipe surveys and PID drawings.

Mechanical Engineering Northern Ireland

First we generate the 3D CAD data then using either our own SLA 3D printer or our external suppliers we can help build a prototype of your product for evaluation and testing.

3D printing Northern Ireland
Bespoke Equipment Design & Manufacture

We design bespoke automation and test equipment to meet your needs. We designed the first automated medical balloon moulding machine in 2014. Since then we have continued to broaden our engineering and sector knowledge through a diverse portfolio of applications. In addition to design, we now manufacture the equipment in many applications.

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