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Europe & UK

The Brief:

To develop a machine to test e-cigarettes by simulated vaping.

Our Key Responsibilities:

  • Concept development

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Software Design

  • Technical Documentation

  • Parts procurement and assembly

  • Commissioning


Whilst working for clients in the vape manufacturing industry we recognised the need for a simple machine that could be used to artificially vape individual e-cigarettes for development purposes. We set about researching the types of tests that were commonly performed and the test standards used.


We then conducted research to find out what machines were already on the market and the issues associated with these. Our aim was to produce a machine that was easy to use and required minimal familiarisation for the operator.

We produced a proof of concept prototype and discussed the machine requirements in detail with potential customers. From there we developed a pre-production machine along with a specimen stand and holder system. We tested and refined the equipment then gave it to one of our clients to evaluate.

The feedback from our initial client was very positive. They found the machine easy to use and we took onboard their suggestions for portability by adding carry handles and a robust shipping case.


Our initial client was delighted with the prototype and immediately placed an order for five machines. Since then we have sold multiple further machines to various sites throughout the UK and EU.

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