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The Brief:

To develop a bespoke product for the evaluation of Inhalation Devices associated with Pulmonary Drug Delivery.

Our Key Responsibilities:

  • Concept Development

  • Mechanical Design

  • Electrical Design

  • Software Development

  • Prototype Manufacture and Commissioning


When we were approached by David from E-Breathe about developing a machine that could simulate inhalation over a wide range of air volumes and flow rates we knew this was a project that we could deliver. Having previously developed other machines to test inhalation products we knew the parameters that would make the machine a success.

In partnership with the client, we agreed on a realistic scope (User Requirements Specification) and proceeded to develop a technical specification for the equipment components. We opted to use a Mass Flow Controller to regulate air flow and from there we developed a process solution that combined this with a series of valves, pumps and other flow equipment to deliver the performance the user required. With extensive experience of Unitronics PLCs we were able to select a controller that would fulfil the requirements of the project and write the software to control the equipment.

Having specified the key items of technical equipment we set about developing an enclosure for the machine. We worked through a few options with the client and arrived at a final layout that fitted comfortably onto a laboratory workbench.

Utilising our network of suppliers including specialist sheet metal suppliers and precision engineering vendors we sourced many of the bespoke items as well as much of the off the shelf hardware.

As we had previously had experience of electrical wiring of similar machines we produced an electrical wiring diagram and put David in touch with a local panel builder who wired the machine.

After completing the assembly we undertook commissioning and debugging of the software including final calibration checks before handing over to the client for final completion and CE marking.

Solve Mechanical Engineering - Ebreathe Vaping Machine


Customer was provided with a functioning machine which fulfilled the design brief.

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