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Reduced Risk Test Equipment

We offer a range of solutions that we have developed to aid testing and evaluation of e-cigarettes and other similar reduced risk products.

Vape Testers


The VTP-150-1 is a single channel vape tester designed to aid the product development technologist. With a user friendly interface, comprehensive manual and proven design this machine allows simulated vaping of e-cigarettes and similar reduced risk devices with minimal set-up time.

Test Stands


The adjustable angle stand allows test specimens to connected to a standard cambridge filter holder and tested at a variety of incline angles.

Specimen Holders

specimen holder wide.JPG

We manufacture a range of specimen holders to suit your device requirements. These can be fitted to our angle stands or other manufacturers vape testers provided they have a 22mm wide slot. The units can be supplied with either pneumatic or solenoid operated button pushers upon request. The top down, open frame design provides good operator access to the specimen buttons and leds during testing. Each holder is customised to suit your test specimen.

Custom Mouthpiece Seals

custom filter holder front.JPG

Achieving a good seal on the mouthpiece of the test specimen is critical to consistent test results. We have developed a method to manufacture custom shaped cast silicone seals which can be used to connect your test specimen to a standard 44mm Cambridge Filter pad holder. We provide a range of designs including versions with temperature sense ports, extended versions for vapor temperature profiling and front adapters which replace common labyrinth seal holders.

Pressure Drop Tester Adapter

pressure drop tester wide.JPG

This device allows a capsule/cartomiser to be connected to a pressure drop tester if fitted with a standard filter holder front for evaluation.

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